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Accounting and Financial Management for I. T. Professionals by Y P Singh PDF

By Y P Singh

ISBN-10: 8122421539

ISBN-13: 9788122421538

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It. Sundry creditor (Bhuwan) is giving goods, so Cr. his A/c. Rule 2 Rule 3 Rule 4 A/Cs Involved Nature Apply ground Rule for entry in books of account Raghvendra A/c P Sundry debtor (Raghvendra) receives goods, so Dr. it. Sales A/c Income due to sales, so Cr. it. N 16. Transactions on March 29 and 30 Rule 1 Credit transaction Rule 2 Rule 3 A/Cs Involved Nature Apply ground Rule for entry in books of account Return Inward A/c N Income decreases due to return, so Dr. it. P Sundry debtor (Raghvendra) returns goods (giver), Raghvendra A/c Rule 1 Credit transaction Rule 1 Cash transaction Rule 4 so Cr.

March 2 Bought furniture for Rs. 5,000 and machinery for Rs. 10,000. March 3 Purchased goods for Rs. 14,000. March 6 Sold goods for Rs. 8,000. March 8 Purchased goods from M/s Chowdhry and Co. Rs. 11,000. March 10 Paid telephone rent for the year by cheque Rs. 500. March 11 Bought one typewriter for Rs. ’ on credit. March 15 Sold goods to Ram for Rs. 12,000. March 17 Sold goods to Raj Kumar for Rs. 2,000 in cash. March 19 Amount withdrawn from bank for personal use Rs. 15,00. March 21 Received cash from Ram Rs.

In the next period, a reference is given that the opening balance has been brought forward (b/f) or ‘b/d’ from the previous period. Step 4: Summarizing Transactions/Events (Trial balance only) TRIAL BALANCE The trial balance is a statement containing the various ledger balances on a particular date. Trial balance checks the accuracy of ledger balances. The two sides of the trial balance should match. If the two sides do not match then there must be some arithmetical discrepancy in the books of accounts which need to be detected.

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Accounting and Financial Management for I. T. Professionals by Y P Singh

by Daniel

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